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White Wines

Rose'- hickory hollow Cab Franc ready in the spring

Chardonnay- hickory hollow coming soon

Gewürztraminer-(Highland Cellars) 2012 1.5RS ...... $16.99
Like a Gewürztraminer from the soils of Alsace. Aroma: An array of spices. Taste: Tangerine, lime, melon and a vanilla finish.

Riesling-(Highland Cellars) 2012 1.2 RS ...... $13.99
Made in the Rhine Moselle style, ripe in texture. Aroma: Citrus, earth tones, pine, and pineapple. Taste: Lemon, ripe melon, and nectarine.

Semi-Dry Riesling      2014 3.0 RS ...... $13.99
Made in the Rhine Spätlese style. Aroma: Ripe apricot and mineral. Taste: Peach, lemon, and honey with an unforgettable finish.

Cayuga White-(Highland Cellars) 2012 1.75 RS ...... $8.49
A Finger Lakes favorite made to capture the fruit. Aroma: Citrus, apple and pear. Taste: Like the grape, with a clean finish.

Sweet White Wine

White Hoot- After 10 years we decided to retire White Hoot

Liquid Wisdom-(hickory hollow) NV 6.5 0RS ......$7.99
A fun fruity wine made from the grapes from the original farm. Aroma: Fresh picked grapes, and harvest time in the Finger Lakes. Taste: Succulent pear, peach, clean fresh finish.

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Discounts: 6+ Bottles 10%, 1 Case 15%

Hickory Hollow Wine Cellars

Red Wines:

Cabernet Franc   2012 0.2RS ...... $15.49
Made in the French Loire style, full of fruit and freshness. 11 months in French oak. Aroma: Light oak, blackberry, and a hint of tobacco. Taste: Ripe black cherries, spice, tea, soft tannins with a lingering smooth finish.

Cabernet Sauvignon    2012 0.2RS ...... $16.49
Full bodied Bordeaux style. 13 months in French oak. Aroma: Plum, currant, leather, and earth. Taste: Ripe blackberry with deep fullness and presence.

Field Blend #1  Non-vintage   0.2 RS ...... $16.99
A full bodied red blend, Cab Franc, Cab Sauvignon, and Barbara aged 10 to 24 months in French oak.  This is the first of many "Field Blend" wines available at Hickory Hollow. Aroma: Full  Taste: Mixed berries, spice, soft tannins, and a smooth texture.

Syrah-(Highland Cellars) 2011 0.0 RS.....$17.49
15 months in French oak. Aroma: Dark chocolate with smokey overtones. Taste: Licorice and berries with some fruit.

Zineca     2012 0.0RS......$20.00
100% Zinfandel, 18 months in French oak, with port like characteristics. Aroma: Raisin and plum. Taste: Complex array of raisin and spice flavors.

Sweet Red Wines

Red Hoot-(hickory hollow) NV 5.0 RS ......$9.99
An interesting blend of fruit, Cayuga and Cab-Franc give this wine a wonderful balance Aroma: Ripe cherries. Taste: Strawberries and a smokey, smooth finish.

Ol’ Hickory-(hickory hollow) NV 6.05 RS ......$7.99
Taste the power of Ol” Hickory 12.5% alcohol. Aroma: Lively strawberries, citrus, with a clean finish and a hint of cinnamon.

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